Gallup Get Hip 8/1/16

This week I learned the most about my strengths and being more productive when using them.

Coding-wise, we had a great update on how to use Git and jQuery as well as JavaScript objects.



Gallup GET HIP 2016: Post 1

This is my second year in the program, and I originally found out about it through my school.

Last week was a great introduction back into Gallup. When I’m not constantly using the material learned, some of my knowledge is lost, but I found that I retained a lot of the information I had learned last year.


Input * Competition * Intellection * Relator * Learner

Final Project!

Sorry this is so late, but here is my finalization for my winter project!
My project is a personalized resume builder which lets you add awards and experience when you do them to remove the hassle of remembering what you actually did months later. It will hopefully include personalization to the job you are hoping to get from word matching the job description or selecting from predetermined categories.

Blog post Week 4

Above is an example of a website(TED) using Ember.js. This week we learned about web design and the short history of Ember.js. It was interesting to learn about how update numbers work, and what the effects of the different updates. For example, if a software’s update is version, but was previously version, a major change happened that might affect how the software runs. If it was previously, it would only be minor change that wouldn’t affect performance. We also watch some short videos on how much of the world is really made with programming, from clothes that light up, to cars.

We looked at some tips for Web design, one tip that I liked, and will most likely use, is the Fibonacci sequence. It show where your eye naturally follows on a webpage. I took away a lot from this lesson, and will definitely change how I design my websites.

Blog Post 10/10/15

It’s Homecoming Weekend!

For your 3rd blog post, update me with what you learned this week. I would like a sample of code as well as a full paragraph. Also tell me if you can use your new skills in school yet.  If so, how are you using them.  If not, how could you?

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Get Hip Blog 10/3/15


  1. What did you learn this week?  Include examples of code where you can.  Give me at least one new thing.
  2. Find one YouTube video that pertains to subject you are learning and post the link to your blog.  If you can’t find a good video, I will accept a help tech blog or forums
  3.  How are you using your one of your Top 5 themes in class?  Give me two examples.  Be creative.

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Top 5 Strengths

  1. Input
  2. Competition
  3. Intellection
  4. Relator
  5. Learner