Get Hip Blog 10/3/15


  1. What did you learn this week?  Include examples of code where you can.  Give me at least one new thing.
  2. Find one YouTube video that pertains to subject you are learning and post the link to your blog.  If you can’t find a good video, I will accept a help tech blog or forums
  3.  How are you using your one of your Top 5 themes in class?  Give me two examples.  Be creative.

This week I learned how to use I/O and implemented JavaScript into HTML. We learned by making a simple I/O function that asked for your first and last name, then printed “Hello [firstname] [lastname]”.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="new1.js"></script>
First Name:
<input type="text" id="firstname">

Last Name:
<input type="text" id="lastname">

<button onclick="funcOne()">Click Here</button>
 <p id="output"><p>

function funcOne() {
var fName= document.getElementById("firstname").value;
var lName= document.getElementById("lastname").value;
var sentence= "Hello, " + fName + " " + lName;
document.getElementById("output").innerHTML= sentence;

It came up with this:


Video by computingboss on building a website using JavaScript,

In class, I am using my first theme, Input, when collecting information. I research during down time on new ways to do things. I do the same for my homework. I also like to keep an excel sheet* of ideas I come up with for web development!

*Excel/Google Sheets is my favorite thing because it is so easy to organize information. I used that to index my libraary, and use it for everything from calendars to planners.